Australia’s Top Glamour Model, Jasmin Shojai discusses her controversial views on plastic surgery for models


Jasmin Shojai made an appearance just recently on Channel Ten Australia’s ‘The Sunday Project’. When asked by the panel “Why should we pay for models to get plastic surgery?”, Miss Shojai responded that models do cosmetic enhancements to look the best infront of the camera and to keep up with their job. Explaining and comparing those factors with the trade industry, and how they claim back tools that they use for their job. When asked if the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) would pass this law, and if therefore she would go out and get lot more cosmetic procedures done, the star explained that she mainly does cosmetic enhancements to make ‘herself feel good’, whilst doing so in moderation. She continued to say she wouldn’t necessarily rush out and get more done but concluded that if the law passed it would be financially helpful. Her story hit the headlines nationwide, with over 7 news companies that published the controversial article









The supermodel feels that cosmetic enhancements can not only enhance a person’s appearance but can boost their confidence. She explains that it is essential for a model to look their best and have a lot of confidence when performing their job. Although it is not necessary to get any sort of cosmetic procedure done to be a successful model.

The star has admitted to also getting cosmetic enhancements herself, including botox, jawline contouring, dermal fillers in the cheeks and lips. However, she voiced her honest thoughts that cosmetic enhancements should be a “personal decision” and it shouldn’t be done just for the sake of a job. Live on Sea FM with Gawndy and Ash Pollard, Miss Shojai said that there is a lot of pressure on models to look their best because of society, and that there are castings where they specifically ask for models to have large breasts or implants.

Jasmin Shojai’s national appearance on TV did stir up many views about this controversial debate. In the meantime, the super star is looking forward toher training in acting and admits that her next exciting procedure will be a “Silhouette facelift”, also known as a non-invasive facelift. The procedure is known to improve facial shape and texture of the skin.

Whilst Jasmin Shojai continues to make headlines, it won’t be long until sheis touring the United States and Canada in July this year.

To watch The Sunday Project’s episode featuring Jasmin Shojai click here:https://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-project/2018/3/11

You can also catch up on her live interview with Gawndy and Ash Pollard on Sea FM here: https://omny.fm/shows/gawndy-and-ash/free-boob-jobs-bucks-parties-dog-of-the-week

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